100 Photos Scanned FREE!

With Memories by Matt Paxton

We want you to see our great service & quality for yourself before committing to a large package, so here’s your chance to “try before you buy”!

Follow these easy steps to send in your photos for a no-stress way to try us out.

  1. Print off the “Free 100” Order Form below.
  2. Gather 100 photos (or 25 35mm slides) – no larger than 5×7 please.
  3. Enclose $18 (check or credit card) to cover return shipping & handling – or we’ll bill you when complete.
  4. Use any method to ship the photos to us (USPS Priority, FedEx or UPS).

We will scan your photos within 5-7 business days and return the originals along with a data disc via USPS Priority Mail.

Print the Order Form here.


  • Quantity cannot exceed 100 photos/25 slides.  If order exceeds free limit, the entire order will be converted to a regular non-package rate of 25 cents per scan.

  • We will not process the “first 100 free” then charge normal rate for remaining amount.

  • Sizes cannot be smaller than 3×3 and cannot exceed 5×7.

  • No mixed media may be sent; however, 25 slides can be substituted for 100 photos if you are interested in trying our slide service.

  • Do not create named groups of photos.  All images will be scanned into one single folder.

  • NEW (First Time) customers only.  Cannot be used more than once or for prior customers.
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