Keep the memories, lose the stuff.

Legacy List with Matt Paxton is an Emmy nominated series about our homes, the hidden treasures, heirlooms and the precious memories attached to those items.

Matt and the MY Entertainment team working behind the scenes. (Credit: Shipyard Entertainment)

Mike and his moving crew at the Zajur home. (Credit: Shipyard Entertainment)

Avi and Mike filming a scene of the Lambert episode. (Credit: Shipyard Entertainment)

Matt, Avi, Jaime, and Mike on the set of Legacy List with Matt Paxton. (Credit: Shipyard Entertainment)

About the Series

After nine seasons on A&E’s Hoarders, host Matt Paxton comes to U.S. Public television to host Legacy List with Matt Paxton, bringing his many years of experience helping people declutter and transition. The series captures the emotional trials and triumphs of families downsizing out of their homes, as Matt and his team of expert movers and conservators pack a houseful of memories. With every item featured, Matt brings to life a family’s treasured past and delivers them to an uplifting future.

Meet the team

Matt brings with him a small, quick, diverse team to help find the families’ Legacy List items. The team’s experts include Mike Kelleher, a walking encyclopedia of pop culture collectibles and antiques, Avi Hopkins, a culture and military expert, and Jaime Ebanks, an expert in textiles, vintage clothing, fashion collectibles, and travel.

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