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30 Things to Declutter Right Now

Whether it's your first decluttering project, or you're trying to fill your daily decluttering practice, these are 30 things to declutter right now.


Mike Kelleher

September 25, 2020

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Despite having a house full of items, it’s sometimes hard to know what things to declutter. Whether it's your very first decluttering project, or you're trying to fill your daily decluttering practice, keep this list handy. Here are 30 things to declutter right now:


1. Expired medications (many pharmacies will dispose of these for you)

2. Dried out nail polish or other cosmetics

3. Unused hair accessories like bobbi pins or hair clips

4. Expired sunscreens and lotions


5. Outdated prescription eyeglasses

6. Books or magazines you’ve read, or don’t plan on reading

7. Excess sets of towels or linens

8. Outdated or unworn seasonal items (bathing suits, scarves, hats)

9. Old holiday cards (consider scanning or taking photos of the most memorable ones)

10. Unused curtains


11. Old batteries (hardware stores like Lowe’s can recycle these for you)

12. Unused/duplicate garden supplies

13. Unused sporting/exercise equipment

14. Holiday decorations that seem to always stay in the box

15. Well-worn pet toys or bones

16. Old paint cans (any leftover latex paint must be dried out, and oil-based paints must be disposed of through a recycling center)


17. Spices that have lost their scent and/or color

18. Duplicates of kitchen items (peelers, presses, graters, etc.)

19. Small, unused appliances

20. Travel mugs

21. Cracked or chipped drinkware

22. Homeless plasticware (lids with no container, or containers with no lid)

23. Condiment packets

24. Unused cookbooks

25. Unused baking tins or pans


26. Dried out pens and markers

27. Outdated electronics (Best Buy offers in-store electronics recycling nationwide)

28. Manuals for discarded or replaced products

29. Duplicate cords and cables

30. Outdated media (CDs, VHS, DVDs)

This is only a small sampling of things to declutter in your home.

Whenever you’re starting or picking up a decluttering project, check this list to make sure you’ve taken care of these items. They’re some of the quickest and easiest options for getting a handle on your decluttering your home. And, as always, donate items to local nonprofits or mutual aid organizations whenever possible.

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