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3 Safety Hazards: What to Leave Behind When You Move

There are a lot of uncertainties when moving, so it is crucial to eliminate safety hazards from your packing list. Plus, there will be less things on your moving truck!



September 29, 2021

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We often get asked “should I pack this or leave it behind and buy another one when I get there?” Of course so much of the answer always lies in the eye of the beholder and believe us, some people like to “behold” a lot. However there is absolutely no doubt that you should leave some things behind and simply restock when you get to your new place. These items are usually a safety hazard and best left off your packing list. Plus, there will be less things to put on  your moving truck!

A good rule of thumb is to leave behind all flammables, explosive, and hazardous re-installments. Flammables and explosives are  a no-brainer. Why? Because they are prohibited by local and interstate moving companies because Flammables and explosives  may cause harm to the moving crew or family. Also to be left off the truck are, hazardous re-installments. These are hazardous assets that usually can only be installed by professionals. Often  the cost of moving these kind of items the and professional re-installment fees may surpass the price of simply re-buying at the other end!! 

Here’s a list of things you should leave behind: 

  • Jungle gym 
  • Hot tubs
  • Lighters
  • Paint/ painting oils
  • Cans of fuel for cooking
  • Fertilizers and weed killers
  • Poison, insecticides, pesticides

And one more seemingly innocuous item that surprises most people... 

  • Nail polish and nail polish remover

If you have more questions about safety and prohibited moving items, talk to your moving company or city officials before you load it into a mover’s truck. It will save you and everyone else a lot of grief.

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