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44 Important Aging in Place Home Modifications

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more safe and secure when aging in place, we’ve compiled a list of 44 home modifications you can make to support your experience.



May 29, 2020

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Aging in place is all about making your home as comfortable and safe as possible. Because of this, home modifications are often necessary in order to make a safe and secure space. Here are 31+ home modifications you may want to consider:


  • Walk-in shower 
  • Walk-in bathtub
  • Grab bars or safety tape
  • Shower or transfer bench
  • Comfort height toilets
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Change sink handles to levers 
  • Handheld shower head 


  • Medical alert systems 
  • Video cameras and security systems
  • Personal Monitoring devices (Fitbit, Garmin, etc) 
  • Smart Lighting 


  • Low-profile bed, adjustable bed, or hospital bed 
  • Bed rails or handles 
  • Bedside fall mats 
  • Sturdy nightstand (same height as bed) 
  • Always have cell phone near bed 
  • Night lights 
  • Bedside lamps 
  • Anchor furniture to wall (bookcase, drawers, shelves.) 


  • Motion sensor lights 
  • Large, visible address numbers
  • Smooth out driveway and sidewalk area
  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Xeriscape area (low maintenance plants such as succulents) 
  • Artificial grass
  • Outdoor lift


  • Lower sink
  • Adjust counter heights (28-34 inches above the floor) 
  • Pull out shelves (for lower shelves) and pull down shelves (for upper shelves)
  • C or D-shaped handles 
  • Automatic faucet 
  • ADA-compliant sink, microwave, and fridge
  • Wall ovens


  • Wheel-chair ramps 
  • Handrails for stairways 
  • Front-loading washer and dryer 
  • Wide Doors (36 inches) 
  • Lowered windows or tall windows with lower window sills 
  • Hallways are well-lit 
  • Remove clutter 
  • Bright, LED bulbs
  • Non slip flooring 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Home modifications help ensure the aging process is accessible, comfortable, and safe. 

If you’d like to learn more about this senior living option , read our article on the benefits of aging in place.

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