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What is Assisted Living? 5 Things You Need to Consider

Are you interested in learning more about assisted living? Here are five things you should consider when researching this senior living option that allows you to reside at a facility while receiving personal care.



November 18, 2020

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Researching senior living options can often become a tiresome experience with the overwhelming amount of information available. To make this research process easier, we have compiled five things you should consider when researching assisted living communities. 

  1. What is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living facilities are a form of long-term care services that provide seniors with housing and personal care assistance. Think of it as a community styled residency where seniors receive help with their daily activities. 

When conducting research on assisted living, look out for other similar terms such as assisted care communities, assisted living communities, residential care facilities, or personal care homes. Whenever you see these terms, just know that they have the same meaning as assisted living.

  1. Who is it best suited for? 

Assisted living facilities are best suited for seniors who cannot live alone and require limited daily assistance. Seniors who usually need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, or eating are great candidates for assisted living communities. 

Despite this, residents of assisted living communities are still relatively independent and do not require around the clock care (compared to residents of nursing homes). Additionally, assisted living is a great option for seniors who are interested in moving to a community styled living facility. 

  1. What services are offered at assisted living facilities?

Assisted living facilities offer a wide range of services to their residents. Staff are available 24/7 and assist seniors with managing their medication, help complete ADLs, provide three meals a day, help with transportation, and provide housekeeping and laundry services. Every facility has its own designated set of services, so it’s important to choose one that fulfills you or your loved one’s needs. Most assisted living communities also have various social and recreational events planned that help residents socialize.

  1. What are the benefits? 

Assisted living comes with many added benefits and perks. These benefits include: 

  • Increased Safety: Due to seniors having access to caregivers every single day, it is no surprise that they are less susceptible to falls or injuries. Those who live alone at home are posed with numerous safety hazards that could lead to unnecessary accidents. Assisted living residents get quality support from caregivers who aid with these daily tasks.  
  • Creates Sense of Community: On account of the way assisted living facilities are designed, it makes it easy for seniors to quickly integrate into the lifestyle and to feel right at home. Not to mention, residents are able to become acquainted with and befriend other residents who live in the community, creating a sense of belonging. 
  • Reduces Stress: When seniors move into assisted living facilities, a lot of the challenges that once interrupted their daily life, vanishes. They no longer worry about taking their medicine, cooking, or cleaning. They are able to relax and have peace of mind.
  • Promotes Activity: Staying active is vital for older adults to stay healthy, physically and mentally. When living at home, it can be difficult for seniors to find activities to participate in or to find transportation to these activities. Many assisted living communities have health and exercise programs available for their residents 

  1. What are the costs? 

Due to housing and 24 hour care, assisted living can be relatively expensive when compared to other senior living options, such as aging in place. According to Genworth’s cost of care survey, the average monthly cost of an assisted living facility is $4,300. This averages to about $141 a day. 

With these costs, it is important to remember that senior living costs are an investment. Especially because assisted living facilities help seniors live comfortably, independently, and safely with a peace of mind. 

Is assisted living the right option? 

Assisted living communities provide living arrangements and health care services to seniors who need help with ADLs. Now that you know more about what assisted living facilities have to offer, it is important that you research facilities in your state. 

As mentioned above, there are facilities that have different services available so it is vital that your needs align with the company’s mission. If you are interested in exploring other senior living options, check out other articles here.

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